How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile shooting games on the planet. Players get to choose certain characters that battle each other until only one is left as the winner. It's a fast-action mobile shooting game where you can display your skills.

If you want to survive in this game, you will need to learn how to earn and use diamonds to your advantage. Diamonds are the game's premium currency that can only be purchased through the use of real money.

However, there are other ways to get them without having to spend a single dime. Check out how you can get free diamonds on Free Fire with the guide that we produced.

Here’s How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire

One of the most common ways to get diamonds for free in this game is to download the app called Google Opinion Rewards. On this app, you get to answer different kinds of surveys and then earn rewards.


Most of the rewards come in credits that you can then use to purchase diamonds for the game. Always make sure that you answer as truthfully as possible.

Most of the surveys or questionnaires come at random times, so be sure to check the app regularly.

At first, it can be time-consuming to wait and answer these surveys, but you will soon get the hang of it.


Use Your Diamonds to Purchase the Elite Pass

Once you've acquired enough diamonds, make good use of them by purchasing the Elite Pass. The Elite Pass allows you to earn different rewards in the game. You get a lot of rewards such as free skins, weapons, and many other items that will help you in the game.

One of which is free diamonds that you can then use to purchase a new pass once the season ends. While you can always invest your money in purchasing an Elite Pass, use the ones you've earned to earn more diamonds for free.

You even get an exclusive reward once you reach the end of the Elite Pass. So be sure to continue playing the game if you have activated this pass.


Keep an Eye Out for Events

Free Fire is a very popular mobile game and often holds a lot of in-game events. Many of these in-game events allow players to receive free diamonds.

How to Get Free Diamonds on Free Fire
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Be sure to participate in these in-game events whenever they are available. Apart from that, you also get exclusive rewards that can only be acquired if you join these events. Keep an eye out for these events at the Events tab.

This will also help you collect as many free diamonds as possible, even if they are in smaller amounts.

The more events you participate in, the more you collect these free diamonds, and soon you'll be able to afford the more expensive items at the in-game store.

Check Out Promotions at the In-Game Store

Apart from checking out in-game events, you should also be checking the in-game store regularly for promotions and sales.

Free Fire regularly offers free diamonds to players who purchase them at the in-game store through bonuses. The more diamonds you buy, the more bonus ones you get.

Go ahead and invest some of your money or your hard-earned credits in purchasing diamonds but be sure to time it perfectly so you'll get the bonus ones as well.


It is always worth trying the tips mentioned above if you truly want to earn diamonds in Free Fire for free. Remember to always be safe and avoid illegal sites that promote and offer free diamonds, as they can cause security issues.

Download Free Fire today at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.